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I try to avoid involving myself in the tag’s political feuds, but this misconception is pretty widespread, so I’m going to have to take a go at. Note that this is just a quickie, and I don’t have my books with me, so citing everything would be painful.

Misconception: Vicky said that she would never include homosexual characters in the series because that doesn’t sit well in a cat book.

This is decidedly false, and I’m going to tell you why.

Now, first off, let’s look at Vicky’s entire quote for context.

Question: Have any of you ever wished to add something that couldn’t be placed in the series because the target audience was too young?

Vicky: Good question! I always say that I don’t write for children or adults, I just write about things that interest me, and strong characters in all different shades to bring those things about. The fact that we write about cats gives us the freedom to deal with subjects that wouldn’t normally be acceptable in a book aimed at younger readers that featured human characters – I’m thinking specifically of death, parenthood, intense political situations, violence, giving away your children, losing religious faith, madness… So joyously I don’t feel constrained at all about what I can include in the books, which is one reason why I haven’t run out of stories yet. However, there are two topics that will never fit into any of the books, and those are homosexuality and drug addiction. Not because the readers are too young (although I do have an opinion on the appropriateness, or otherwise, of these topics), but because they don’t sit easily in a series about feral cats.

Note the context she uses to set up her mention of homosexuality: she is able to tackle so many social issues because she can do “cat versions” of those issues, without having to write about those issues specifically. How does she tackle racism? By having the Clan cats hate kittypets. How does she handle religious themes? By having the cats believe that their ancestors are watching over them. How does she handle mental illness? By including characters like Bluestar and Ashfur, who can be shown to serious issues without ever bringing up mental illness.

Vicky is contractually obliged to keep the rating at 9-12 (although it would be interesting if at some point there was a YA aimed Warriors novel), so as she said, she is only allowed to include these concepts because she is not directly tackling the issue, but an analogue of it instead.

Anyway, continuing on, note Vicky’s exact wording here.

However, there are two topics that will never fit into any of the books, and those are homosexuality and drug addiction.

The emphasis is mine, but it gets across exactly what I want to convey. Continuing on from the context of the answer, Vicky is not talking about homosexuality itself having no place in the Warriors universe, but about homosexuality as a social issue not belonging there.

Obviously, Vicky sees no problem with including characters who are not heterosexual in Warriors. Tallstar is canonically homosexual. Ravenpaw and Barley are heavily implied to be homosexual, as Vicky has even stated that they are in love. Littlecloud is confirmed to be something other than heterosexual via Vicky’s statement that he wasn’t into she-cats. (Suggesting that he is either asexual or homosexual.) Jake is implied to be bisexual. Leafpool is heavily implied to be bisexual. Mothwing is hinted to not be heterosexual. Darkstripe is implied to be homosexual. Mousefur and Hollyleaf are canonically asexual. (Before you try to “correct” me on the latter, check Fallen Leaves’ section of The Ultimate Guide and you’ll see that Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves are not mates. Kate may have stated that they were, but I’ve already covered how her information should be treated as glorified fanon previously.)

See that? I count ten characters, and all of them are decently important. I may have missed some as well, and we still don’t know which way Thunder swings. But we have four canonical cats that have LGBT sexualities (Hollyleaf, Littlecloud, Tallstar, and Mousefur), three cats heavily implied by the author to be LGBT (Ravenpaw, Barley, and Leafpool), and three more cats who are implied to be LGBT, but to a lesser extent (Mothwing, Jake, and Darkstripe). Sure, there are about 1000 cats in the series, but hundreds of those characters have only had single appearances, only exist to fill out the allegiances, or were mentioned a single time in a field guide. Meanwhile, for LGBT cats we have:
- Two main protagonists. (Hollyleaf and Leafpool, with Thunder as a possible third depending on how things turn out)
- An important Clan leader who has a Super Edition. (Tallstar)
- A major character from the first arc who also stars in a manga spinoff. (Ravenpaw)
- His best friend who is the co-protagonist of said spinoff and a pivotal player in The Darkest Hour. (Barley)
- A major character in a Super Edition who is also the father of both the main character of the series and one of the most popular villains. (Jake)
- A medicine cat who was in the series since the very first book and was very prominent in several books, including Night Whispers and Rising Storm. (Littlecloud)
- A medicine cat who is both the daughter of the main antagonist of the series and one of the nine main characters of The New Prophecy, who remains relevant in third and fourth arcs and has starring roles in Mistystar’s Omen and The Last Hope. (Mothwing)
 - The only warrior from Into The Wild to survive to The Last Hope. (Mousefur)
- One of the most prominent antagonists in the first arc (only Tigerstar, Brokenstar, Blackstar, Leopardstar, and Scourge eclipse him, and they’re all leaders) and to my knowledge the only antagonist other than Tigerstar to appear in all six books and remain an antagonist. Also, a recurring Dark Forest member and the guy who manages to destroy ThunderClan’s camp in The Last Hope. (Darkstripe)

From this, it’s clear that Vicky is willing to include LGBT characters. However, as said before, she is uncomfortable focusing on homosexuality as a social issue, ie. homophobia and having to come out. This is because unlike the other social issues I mentioned, this issue would have to be tackled directly, rather than through an analogue like the other issues. This is something Harper Collins, because that would raise the rating of the series to YA and they’d miss their target demographic.

I mean, think about it. Cats don’t have the races humans have, such as Mexicans, Blacks, the Inuit, Asians, etc. In Chapter 3 of Into The Wild, Longtail says that he hates kittypets, and that they are soft and lazy. If instead he said that he hated Mexicans, who are lazy and steal jobs, then the book would be dealing with the racism humans deal with, rather than just a cat version. Because it’s not the exact version of the issue for the human world, it doesn’t raise the rating.

However, there’s no alternative to homosexuality that arises due to the characters being cats. Because the Warriors characters have the mental capacity of humans, then they have the same sexualities humans do. So if the Erins tackled the social issue of homosexuality, it would be done via things such as Longtail saying, “Two toms together? That’s wrong! Love is one tom and one she-cat together.” Or with Graystripe saying as a young apprentice, “But you can’t be attracted to both toms and she-cats! You have to be attracted to one or the other. Having a paw in both worlds is wrong!” Or when Tigerstar starts his “TigerClan” campaign, he also rounds up all the gay cats in RiverClan and says they have to die as well.

See? All the other issues that are used in the series are able to be used because they don’t bring up the issue directly. LGBT issues on the other hand? They don’t have an analogue, so it would be about that directly. It’s pretty obvious that Harper Collins would veto the hell out of that, because they fear that it could raise the rating of the series. It’s even possible that Vicky has already wanted to include LGBT content in Warriors, but Harper Collins made her change it out of fear of the rating being raised. Maybe Vicky’s original plan was to make Mothwing and Leafpool get together instead of Crowfeather and Leafpool, but when she was making the outline for Dawn, Harper Collins told her she couldn’t do that, so she made LeafXCrow instead. (Leafpool’s feelings for Crowfeather were foreshadowed all throughout Dawn and Starlight. Some people, including me on the first time through, thought the confession scene came out of nowhere, but on a reread it’s clear as day.)

Regardless, I’ve given this misconception my usual pummeling. When Vicky said that she would not include homosexuality, she meant homosexuality as a social issue, because unlike the other social issues in the series, homosexuality would need to be addressed directly, rather than through an analogue. As well, she can’t make the characters explicitly LGBT in the text of Harper Collins would veto it, but she can get away with heavily implying it, and she can confirm the information outside of the series.

Also, one could make a case for forbidden love representing homosexuality in Warriors, but that’s an argument for another day.

commonwarriorsmisconceptions out

Okay, a few things:

A) Making watered down “cat versions” of social issues does not count as representing these social issues.

B) None of those characters are canonically anything. Nobody has outright come out and said any of these characters aren’t straight. And even if they had, it still doesn’t count as representation unless it’s explicitly stated in the text.

C) “Heavily implied” is nothing at best and queerbaiting at worst. It is not canon.

D) There is nothing “adult” about homosexuality. I don’t care if the publishers don’t like it. I don’t care if the parents complain. I don’t care if the series makes every fucking banned booklist there is. There are plenty of MOGAI kids in the 9-12 range who need this representation and passing it off as “well Ravenpaw and Barley might be gay. Kind of. But like no homo lmao” is not fucking good enough.

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straight people on tv show: *literally have sex*


gay people on tv show: *exist*

ok.. :\ but… ok like im not homophobic… :\ im ok with gay people but why do you have to shove it in my face… :\




OOOOH! Waz dis? Broken Blinkie update wip? Yes it iiiiiis! Broken Blinkie updates will now be in comic page form uvu
Featuring Butcher from askpitchpatch 
I will warn you, if you ever commission a comic from me. I will have fun with the roughies all I want.

OOOOH! Waz dis? Broken Blinkie update wip? Yes it iiiiiis! Broken Blinkie updates will now be in comic page form uvu

Featuring Butcher from askpitchpatch 

I will warn you, if you ever commission a comic from me. I will have fun with the roughies all I want.



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